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Medical brain scans
Be-OnGuard Brain Fog Support bottle

Feel clearer fast.


Get 30 doses for Only $35

($4.95 Shipping & Handling)

Piña Colada Flavor

What makes Brain Fog Support superior to other products.

Contains clinically tested Methylene Blue, Mineral Oxides & Vitamin C  

Unique formula

Proven safety history 

Medical Doctor tested and developed

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Support Your Memory & Brain Health Now

The benefits of Brain Fog Support.

Improved mood, increased energy, and enhanced cognitive function.

Improved memory formation and recall.

Safe and well-tolerated in both short and long-term studies.

A potent antioxidant that can protect cells from damage.

Shown to improve circulation and help fight fatigue.

Brain Fog Support is the only patent pending formula of doctor recommended Methylene Blue, Mineral Oxide technology and Vitamin C. 
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Take Control of Your Brain Health with Brain Fog Support.

Three Ways Our Methylene Blue Drops are Superior.

You are guaranteed a high quality, safe product. 

Our  Liquid Drops have been 3rd Party Tested and meet or exceeds Prop 65 Standards.  

Elevated energy potential, cellular homeostasis and inflammation reduction.  

Brain Fog Support is designed by a Medical Doctor. It combines Mineral Oxides, Vitamin C and high quality Methylene Blue in a pending formula that exceeds other methylene blue products. 

A unique performance boost only found in Brain Fog Support. 

The addition of mineral oxides in this unique formula results in enhanced biochemical reactions of the Vitamin C and high quality Methylene Blue. 

This means superior support for mitochondrial health, cellular health, free radical defense and inflammation support compared to generic methylene blue.  

Learn more about Be-OnGuard Brain Fog Support Drops.