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Find out why a Top Medical Doctor is Recommending
Be-OnGuard Brain Fog Support

$34.95  -  30 doses

Top Medical Doctors recommend Methylene Blue as a huge benefit for brain health. We make Methylene Blue even more effective by combining it with our Mineral Oxide technology and Vitamin C. Methylene Blue has been shown to produce the following benefits:

Improved mood, increased energy, and enhanced cognitive function.

Improved memory formation and recall.

Is safe and well-tolerated in both short- and long-term studies.

Is a potent antioxidant that can protect cells from damage.

Has been shown to improve circulation and help fight fatigue.

No one else can offer this powerhouse combination of brain boosting nutrition…meaning we are the only ones that can offer this combination.  

$34.95  -  30 doses


Are You Suffering From Brain Fog?
You're not alone.

1 of 14 Americans currently suffer from Brain Fog?







$34.95  -  30 doses


A Clinically Studied Ingredient Shown to Support Memory and Brain Health


Methylene Blue


Methylene Blue boosts brain health and function in several ways. But two, in particular, stand out.

  1. Methylene Blue improves memory. Unlike other nootropics, which often work by increasing neurotransmitter synthesis and neural signaling, Methylene Blue enhances memory by increasing brain cell respiration. Or how the brain cell utilizes oxygen.

  2. Methylene Blue is an antioxidant. Methylene Blue has a unique mechanism of action that is fundamentally different from traditional antioxidants. During cellular respiration, the first free radical formed inside a cell is superoxide (O2). Methylene Blue binds to superoxide and reduces it to water. It stops the oxidative cascade at its very beginning. Before it gets a chance to do damage.

Dr. Steven Warren, MD

Developed Brain Fog Support

This is the product that I helped refine and develop for all my patients that have had Covid or suffer from Brain Fog. I have found the powerful nutrition it contains to be a big benefit to my patients looking to regain their mental clarity naturally.


Brain Fog Support

What makes it superior to other products.

Contains clinically tested Methylene Blue, Mineral Oxides & Vitamin C  

Unique formula

Proven safety history 

Medical Doctor tested and developed

$34.95  -  30 doses


Support Your Memory & Brain Health Now.


$34.95  -  30 doses

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